Kunci Jawaban Soal Latihan Mandiri Writing I BING4103

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Sobat, salah satu cara untuk mengukur kemampuan kita dalam menyerap materi adalah dengan mengerjakan soal latihan. Setelah anda mengerjakan Soal Latihan Mandiri Writing I BING4103 Universitas Terbuka yang berisi soal berlatih menulis. Berikut adalah Kunci Jawaban Soal Latihan Mandiri Writing I BING4103, Untuk itu buka kertas yang berisi jawaban yang sudah anda kerjakan, silahkan periksa jawaban anda dan cocokan dengan kunci jawaban. Jika skor anda diatas 80% berarti anda sudah menguasai materi, jika skor anda dibawah 80% berarti anda harus membaca dan memahami materi kembali. Cara menghitung skor adalah: Jumlah jawaban benar dibagi jumlah soal dikali 100%.

Jawaban Latihan 1:
My dearest friend, Jo
Now I am very happy since I have been working at one of the private companies in Jakarta for about three months. And as my dream as novelist comes true. I’ve just released my first novel written in Bahasa Indonesia lately. You will wonder about it, won’t you? Hm, I will send one copy for you. Don’t worry about Bahasa Indonesia. You may ask me about the story.
Anyway, how is it going, Jo? I so miss you. How’re Dee and Tony? I miss them too. I would be really happy if you spend your vacation here.

Sincerely Yours,

Jawaban Latihan 2:
I was a little bit nervous when taking my final exams held by Universitas Terbuka. It’s located at SMA Bina Ilmu. It’s kind of traditional school’s building. And it’s basically a two-storey school with two hallways on each floor, and the main hallway downstairs leading to a café and a hall. Next to the café is  baseball field. It’s also the parking lot  behind the school. From all above I like the four Beringin trees at each corner of the school’s square. There is also a small library next to Chairman’s room. The school has just twelve to fifteen classrooms. The room that I took for the exam was not so big with one white board, one teacher table and chair, and one ceiling fan.
One day, for another exam, I wish the modern school’s building with a large garden. I am also concern about the clean and spacious bathrooms at every hallway. Moreover, I hope there will be a great classroom with AC and comfortable chairs.

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