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Sobat, salah satu cara untuk mengukur kemampuan kita dalam menyerap materi adalah dengan mengerjakan soal latihan. Setelah anda mengerjakan Soal Latihan Mandiri Writing III BING4207 Universitas Terbuka yang berisi soal berlatih menulis. Berikut adalah Kunci Jawaban Soal Latihan Mandiri Writing III BING4207, Untuk itu buka kertas yang berisi jawaban yang sudah anda kerjakan, silahkan periksa jawaban anda dan cocokan dengan kunci jawaban. Jika skor anda diatas 80% berarti anda sudah menguasai materi, jika skor anda dibawah 80% berarti anda harus membaca dan memahami materi kembali. Cara menghitung skor adalah: Jumlah jawaban benar dibagi jumlah soal dikali 100%.

Dear editor,
I am writing to inform you about my exciting experience at Siang Malam Restaurant.  Yesterday my family and I went to the restaurant to celebrate my birthday. We love eating in restaurants. My wife and my daughter like seafood very mcuh while my son and I like eating Sundanese food.
The restaurant is apparently new with hygienic and acceptable standard condition. Its location is not far from my house and also the place is easy to reach. The food has a definite local flavor, combining various country-style drinks with simple presentation. As a group, we had many choices and shared all the generous portions. Everybody will enjoy the food when the dishes are served.
As soon as we sat down, two waiters came to us and asked to place an order politely. They recommended us to try some Baronang grilled fish with a special sauce. The fish served were fresh. We immediately ordered some fish and other menus. When we wanted to order some drinks, the two waiters offered us the best drink they served that night. We were lucky for I celebrated my birthday and we were served some free drinks.  
When the grilled fish came, the smell was tempting. We did not know that the food was so delicious. We could taste the grilled fish with its ingredients. The food presentation was also interesting. The free drinks was also nice. They served us special drinks with some mixed friuts and ice cream. The taste was really unique
In my opinion, the service we received at Siang Malam Restaurant was amazing. They served us like a king and a queen. They are also innovative in presenting the food and drinks. The most important thing was the delicious taste. The owner of the restaurant seems to have been creating a budget-friendly family environment at his restaurant with delicious, low-priced menus to the customers.
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How to Reduce Traffic Jams in Jakarta
Nowadays, it is obvious that the traffic jam is on the rise and cities are becoming busier in most countries. This problem must be handled seriously for it is a global issue and most people who live in big cities are affected by this condition.
Traffic jam in Jakarta is caused by people travelling to work. One of the main reasons is that most people prefer using their own cars instead of using public transportation. Since public transportation is not reliable and efficient for them and with the increasing world population, the number of cars on the roads also increase. Another factor is that most people who live in Jakarta tend to travel at the same time in a day. As a result, this causes traffic jams during the rush hours.
There are several ways to mitigate this problem. In order to reduce the dense traffic, we should change our working habits. The Internet can now be used to connect people. For instance, people can now work from home and meetings can be held via video conferences. Another solution might be to charge a fee for every car entering Jakarta. This will not only discourage people from driving into the capital, but also raise money for better public transportation. Public transportation  seems to be the easiest way to solve this chronical problem. If there is comfortable and cheap transportation such as buses and trains, I am pretty sure people will choose to use it rather than driving themselves. The government should provide much better public transportation in the near future and charge fees that are affordable for everyone.
In conclusion, the problem of traffic jam in Jakarta can be handled by improving the public transportation system, changing our daily habits and also by charging additional fee to drivers who enter specific zone in Jakarta.
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