Soal Latihan Mandiri Reading 1 BING3301

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Sobat, salah satu cara untuk mengukur kemampuan kita dalam menyerap materi adalah dengan mengerjakan soal latihan. Kali ini soal yang diberikan adalah Soal Latihan Mandiri Reading 1 BING3301 Universitas Terbuka. Soal ini berisi 20 soal pilihan ganda dan 14 soal isian. Untuk mempermudah siapkanlah kertas dan pensil, kemudian tulis jawaban anda pada kertas setelah itu cek pada halaman Kunci Jawaban Soal Latihan Mandiri Reading 1 BING3301, jawaban anda benar berapa. Jika skor anda diatas 80% berarti anda sudah menguasai materi, jika skor anda dibawah 80% berarti anda harus membaca dan memahami materi kembali. Cara menghitung skor adalah: Jumlah jawaban benar dibagi jumlah soal dikali 100%. Selamat Mengerjakan.

Soal Pilihan Ganda

Petunjuk: Untuk soal-soal berikut, pilihlah satu jawaban yang paling tepat!

1. Why didn't she go to the movie? Because ...
 A. her friend, Jenny is sick. 
 B. she had already seen it. 
 C. she lost her daughter. 
 D. I've bought it. 

2. Whose umbrella is that?
 A. Mine. 
 B. People always say about them. 
 C. Absolutely yes. 
 D. They bring it today. 

3. How did she know his nickname?
 A. She's already met him. 
 B. He is a good friend. 
 C. Because, she is my best fellow. 
 D. She is my neighbor. 

4. Did you lost any money?
 A. One hundred dollar is enough. 
 B. Yes, only two dollars. 
 C. You know, it's mine. 
 D. Five dollars is to much for me. 

5. Do you think that I can do that job?
 A. Absolutely yes. 
 B. It's right. 
 C. We can see it. 
 D. Don't worry, we'll help you. 

6. Could you give me her address?
 A. Sorry, we lost her. 
 B. I'm awfully sorry, but I've lost it. 
 C. You have to realize it. 
 D. Okay, if you don't mind. 

7. Why do you look at me like that? Because, ...
 A. You look so pale. 
 B. You can meet me at the corner. 
 C. I need to do more exercises. 
 D. I am so tired. 

8. How do you do Sir?
 A. Well, I'm doing it now. 
 B. Yes, Just fine. 
 C. How do you do? 
 D. Very nice. 

9. How did he get hurt?
 A. I've reminded him about it. 
 B. He loved to do that job. 
 C. We found him in the yard. 
 D. He got hurt in a fire. 

Untuk soal no 10

- Motorcycle
- Train
- Plane
- Bicycle
- Taxi
- Airport

10. Which is one of the words above not including in a group?
 A. Bicycle 
 B. Plane 
 C. Motorcycle 
 D. Airport 

Untuk soal 11-13.

Bacalah teks berikut ini kemudian jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan dibawahnya!

Abacus, instrument used in performing arithmetic calculations. It consists essentially of a tablet or frame bearing parallel wires or grooves on which counters or beads are moved. A modern abacus consists of a wooden frame with beads on parallel wires, and a crossbar oriented perpendicular to the wires that divides the beads into two groups. Each column—that is, each wire—represents one place in the decimal system. The column farthest to the right is the ones column; the next column to the left is the tens column; and so on. In each column, there are five beads below the crossbar, each of which represent one unit, and two beads above the crossbar, each of which represent five units. For example, in the tens column, each of the group of five beads represents ten, and each of the group of two beads represents fifty. Beads that are to be counted as part of a number are placed against the crossbar.
Many early civilizations used the abacus. In ancient Roman culture it was a sand-covered wax tablet, marked table, or grooved table or tablet. A simplified form of abacus was used in medieval England. It consisted of a tablet ruled into spaces representing the positions of the counters; coins, buttons, stones, or other small objects were moved to make the calculations. The checkered tablecloth, from which the name Exchequer is derived, was originally a calculating device like the ruled tablet. The abacus is still used in China and Japan.

(Taken from

11. What is the synonym of the word represent in line four paragraph one?

 A. Suggest 
 B. Depict 
 C. Report 
 D. Target 

12. What is the antonym of the word calculations in paragraph two?

 A. Circumspections 
 B. Providences 
 C. Capabilities 
 D. Recklessness 

13. What is the function of abacus?

 A. to place numbers in the decimal system 
 B. to perform arithmetic calculations 
 C. to calculate faster 
 D. to measure tablets 

Read the paragraph carefully and then answer the question below!

First Sete would learn on a small drum, and then he would graduate to a much larger one. The large drums were made from the logs of padouk trees. They made sounds that could be heard far away. “I see you have found a good piece of bamboo,” Uncle Baelo said when he arrived. Sete watched carefully as his uncle made the bamboo stem into a drum. First his uncle cut a slit in the wood using a special ax. Then he made the long, narrow cut deeper at one end. By hitting this side of the bamboo with a stick, Sete could make a deep, low sound. Then Uncle Baelo dug a smaller amount of wood out of the other end. By hitting this side, Sete could make a high sound. Later he would learn to use these sounds to make words.  

14. Paragraph above tells mostly about ...

 A. how the practice drum is made 
 B. when Sete gives Uncle Baelo the piece of wood 
 C. which messages can be sent by the drums 
 D. what Uncle Baelo uses to cut the wood 

Read the paragraph carefully and then answer the question below!

Sete practiced the drum sounds every day for many months. At the same time, he learned their meanings. One day Sete saw his uncle coming from the far end of the village. Uncle Baelo was carrying something large. As he got closer, Sete saw what it was “Are you letting me borrow this large drum?” Sete asked excitedly. “No,” Uncle Baelo answered. Sete stopped smiling. “Do not be sad, nephew,” Uncle Baelo said when he saw that the happiness had disappeared from Sete’s face. “I made this drum for you as a gift. It’s yours to keep. Use it wisely.” Sete did not answer. As his uncle turned to walk away, Sete ran his hand over his smooth new drum and smiled. He waited until the next day to use his gift for the first time. Uncle Baelo was fishing on the river, but he would hear the message.  

15. the word disappeared means ...

 A. moved aside 
 B. not bright 
 C. came into sight 
 D. not there anymore 

Read the table of contents below and and find the answers of the questions 16-17!

1    Content literacy and the reading process     1
2     Language, diversity, and culture        34
3     Creating a favorable learning environment     62
4     Planning for content literacy            87
5     Assessment of students and textbooks         122
6     Preparing to read                 163
7     Reading to learn                 188
8     Increasing vocabulary and conceptual growth     227
9     Reflecting on reading                 265
10     Writing across the curriculum             290
11     Studying and study strategies             337
12    Developing lifetime readers : literature in content area classes     362
13     Literacy coaches : a sign of the times         389
App. A     Word lover's booklist                 407
App. B     Read-aloud books for content areas         409
App. C     Trade books for science, math, and social studies     412
App. D     Culturally conscious trade books             417
App. E     Standards for the content areas         422

(Taken from

16. In what chapter you can learn about how to increase your vocabulary?

 A. Chapter 3 
 B. Chapter 7 
 C. Chapter 8 
 D. Chapter 13 

17. If you want to know about study strategy, you can learn it in ...

 A. Chapter 11 
 B. Chapter 10 
 C. Chapter 7 
 D. Chapter 1 

Gambar Untuk soal no 18    

18. What is she going to do?

 A. She is going to go to a fitness center. 
 B. She is going to go shopping. 
 C. She is going to go to a party.
 D. She is going to go to fishing. 

Read the small talk below!

Woman: We couldn’t ask for a better day, could we?
Man: I know. There isn't a cloud in the sky. I love this time of year.
Woman : Me too. The cherry blossoms are beautiful, aren’t they?
Man : They sure are. But I heard they are calling for rain all weekend.
Woman : Really?
Woman : Ah, this bus seems to be running late. How long have you been waiting?
Man : I've been here for at least fifteen minutes now.
Woman : Where are you heading today?
Man : Actually, I'm going to the City Hall to cast my vote for mayor.
Woman : Oh, what a coincidence. So am I! Who are you voting for?
Man : Um, well...I'm still thinking about it.
Woman : Here comes a bus now.
Man : Oh good. Wait, that's not the bus we want. That bus goes downtown.
Woman : Well, it looks like we'll be waiting a little longer. I guess, I'll use this time to catch up on my reading.
Man : I love reading. Right now I'm reading a Stephen King book. Do you like Stephen King?
Woman : Not really.
Man : Oh, here's our bus.
Woman : Oh great. I thought it would never come. Well, have a nice day.
Man : Thanks. You too.

19. Where does the above conversation probably take place?

 A. At the office 
 B. At a library 
 C. At the bus station 
 D. At the post office 

Read the conversation below!

Jack : What would you like to drink?
Ann : I would like some wine
Jack : White or red?
Ann : I prefer white. I will have a glass of house white
Jack : And I will have a pint of beer
Jack : What about the first course?
Ann : I would rather just have a main course and a dessert
Jack : Ok, I prefer the starter and the main course
Ann : Would you like pasta for the first course?
Jack : I would rather have something lighter, like a salad
Ann : How about fish for the main course
Jack : Good idea. And you have a choice of ice cream or cheesecake.
Ann : Cheesecake for me.
Jack : OK,so we are sorted!

20. What is the topic of the conversation?

 A. Jack and Ann are cooking together in the kitchen. 
 B. Jack and Ann are discussing about restaurant. 
 C. Jack and Ann are making preference about food in a restaurant. 
 D. Jack and Ann are making preference about clothing in a store. 

Soal isian

Petunjuk: Untuk soal-soal berikut, isilah titik-titik berikut dengan jawaban yang paling tepat!

Incomplete Reading 1
Read the short story below and fill in the missing words by correct verbs.

A young man hired by a supermarket reported for his first day of work. The supermarket manager ........... (1) him with a smile and a handshake, and then  .......... (2) him a brush, saying "Welcome to Smith's Supermarkets. Here is a brush - your first job is to sweep the floor. The young man  .......... (3) amazed and said, But I'm a university graduate.The manager then said, Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't  .......... (4) that you are a university graduate.  .......... (5)me the brush and I'll  ......... (6) you how to do it.

Incomplete Reading 2
Read the short story below and fill in the missing words by correct words.
Fortune teller
Many hundreds  ......... (1) years ago a king went to see a fortune teller to see what she could predict about the future. The fortune teller told the king  ......... (2) one of his wives would die that year. The king didn't  .......... (3) her and went  ......... (4) laughing. Later that year one of the king's wives died. He  ......... (5) what the fortune teller had told him and thought that she had caused the death of his wife, that she had made it happen. He decided to put her to  ......... (6).

He ordered that she be brought before him.

When she was before him he said to her, "A few months ago you predicted that one of my  ......... (7) would die this year, and one of them has died. So you are a fortune teller. Now, tell me - when will you die?"

The fortune teller realised that the king was planning to kill her, so she thought very  ......... (8) before answering, "I will die three days before you do, your majesty."

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