Soal Latihan Mandiri Bahasa Inggris Synonym

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Latihan Mandiri Bahasa Inggris Synonym

A. Pilihlah synonym dari kata yang dicetak miring di bawah ini:

1. The most popular game at the beginning of the school year is football.

A. race                  
B. play                   
C. competition                  
D. exhibition

2. Many visitors to the Bali island bought the statues and the painting.

A. purchase        
B. sell                    
C. barter                              
D. purchased

3. Usually they talk about the housework, cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

A. discuss            
B. say                    
C. ignore                              
D. argue

4. For me, these are the easiest things to learn.

A. teach               
B. educate          
C. study                                                
D. train

5. Balinese sculptors are very skillful.
A. helpful            
B. expert             
C. intelligent                       
D. clever

B. Pilihlah antonym  dari kata yang dicetak miring di bawah ini:

1. She was a little excited waiting for the announcement.
A. bored              
B. boring              
C. interested                      
D. interesting

2. He used prof. Charles’s idea and added the use of electricity.
A. disuse              
B. work                 
C. function                          
D. misuse

3. Kartini’s father did not allow her to continue her study.
A. approve          
B. permit             
C. forbid                               
D. let

4. She began to weep because she was angry and disappointed.
A. happy              
B. sad                    
C. agree                               
D. satisfied

5. The United State and Russia will reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons.
A. explore           
B. enlarge            
C. sharpen                          
D. decrease

C. Pilihlah homonym dari kata yang dicetak miring di bawah ini:

1. Marissa has just recovered, she is still weak.
A. wick                  
B. quick                
C. wake                                
D. week

2. She always tries to be the best in her class.
A. bee                   
B. by                      
C. bye                   
D. beer

3. I always lose words whenever I meet her.
A. list                     
B. lost                    
C. loose                                
D. lush

4. Mr. Hasan dedicates his whole life for education.
A. hall                    
B. hole                  
C. haul                  
D. hold

5. She tried to wean him away from taking drugs.
A. win                  
B. wind                 
C. wine                 
D. whine

Pilihlah hyponyms dari kata yang dicetak miring di bawah ini, jawaban bisa dua atau tiga pilihan kata.

1. Hyponym dari aircraft.
A. nose                                 
B. cockpit                             
C. hatch               

2. Hyponym dari bicycle.
A. chain                                                
B. peddle                             
C. brake cable   

3. Hyponym dari medical equipment.
A. stethoscope                 
B. speedometer                               
C. syringe                           

4. Hyponym dari make-up tools.
A. skin cream                     
B. bouquet                         
C. powder-puff                

5. Hyponym dari bed clothes.
A. spring                              
B. sheet                                               
C. bedspread                    

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