Soal Latihan Mandiri Bahasa Inggris

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Latihan Mandiri Bahasa Inggris

English Affixes
A. Choose the best answer!
1. Which of the following words cannot use the suffix -ful?
a. color-
b. doubt-
c. hope-
d. joy-
e. value-

2. Which of the following cannot use the suffix -ive?
a. conclus-
b. decis-
c. impress-
d. reduct-
e. reveal-

3. Which of the following cannot use the suffix -ial?
a. commerc-
b. debat-
c. mart-
d. part-
e. spac-

4. Which of the following cannot use the suffix -ure?
a. clos-
b. depart-
c. fiss-
d. lect-
e. polit-

5. Which of the following cannot use the suffix -ion?
a. collect-
b. correct-
c. exhaust-
d. predict-
e. put-

6. Which of the following cannot use the suffix -ance?
a. allow-
b. brief-
c. deliver-
d. repent-
e. vigil-

7. Which of the following cannot use the suffix -ness?
a. cheerful-
b. dark-
c. gentle-
d. honest-
e. small-

8. Which of the following cannot use the suffix -ward?
a. down-
b. for-
c. heaven-
d. home-
e. house-

9. Which of the following cannot use the suffix -less?
a. care-
b. fear-
c. grand-
d. power-
e. thought-

B. Fill in the blank with the right word.

1. To simplify a rather complex historical phenomenon, it can be said that the present political division between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael originates in positions taken by opponents in that war. (simple)

2. The society may be symbolized by such dealings, and experienced through them. (symbol)

3. Berkeley's ideas were formulated early. (formula)

4. We must remember that there may be important ways in which brains and existing computers work on different principles. (compute)

5. There he delegated elementary instruction to an assistant, while he took advanced students. (assist)

6. Any technical term used here, whether from Marxism or anthropology, is explained in the body of the text, and the index will enable the reader to refer back to these explanation. (Marx)

7. It seems plausible to suppose that unless a person enjoys effective power in a society he does not possess legitimate political authority over that society. (effect)

8. It is remarkable that a cell as overtly dull and unstructured as the fertilized egg can give rise to such varied and complex forms. (structure)

9. Clearly, the difference between reckless driving and careless driving is one of degree. (care)
A. Drag and match the words in List A with their meanings in List B
List A
List B

Kilo = Thousand

Desi = Thousanth

Re = Again

Maxi = Most; Very large

Anglo = English

Dis = Against

Circum = Around

Pro = For; In favour of

Mid = In the middle of

Anti = Reverse; Opposite

Tri = Three

Pre = Before

Milli = One tenth

Post = After

Auto = Self

Quad = Four

Cen, centi = Hundred

Bi = Two

Ex = Former

Con = With; together

B. Fill in the blank with the right word

1. Nevertheless, this peculiar combination had a long life and was destined to appear in the Middle Ages. (appear)

2. Eduardo Duhalde, Argentina's caretaker president, today said that he would value the peso as he prepared to unveil a high-risk plan to end the country's economic turmoil. (value)

3. In essence, the systems involve diffusing chemicals that act with one another. (act)

4. We need to examine, therefore, whether procedures known to influence associative strength in orthodox conditioning will also influence the acquisition of attention during stimulus exposure. (attention)

5. So much detail is now accumulating on so wide a range of taxonomic groups that a theory can be erected for virtually every one of them. (theory)

6. The audience at the Odeon theatre shouted down the play for its "realism", and conservative critics and the public found the dance-hall episode in particular to be repugnant in its poor taste. (realism)

7. As running or walking any distance becomes uncomfortable, it is avoided more and more. (comfortable)

8. You will probably be less able to cope with the pressures of life; the ability to cope and be relaxed does not come easily to a body that indulges in too little physical activity and is unhealthy. (healthy)

9. Irreplaceable resources that took aeons to constitute are squandered in an instant, according to the "laws" of supply and demand. (replaceable)

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